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Help customers find your hydraulic repair shop

Go to your favorite search engine and search for hydraulic repair shops. Is your repair shop show on the first page of results?

Now take a look at the first page of your results when you search for hydraulic repair shops.

Near the top of the that first page of listings you'll see

If you were looking for a hydraulic repair shop, wouldn't you click on the "Find Hydraulic Repair Shops" listing?

And after following that link, wouldn't you click on your state, and then either your city or marketing area?

Your potential customers are doing the same thing. They're visiting the directory and clicking on your state. And if you aren't listed in the directory, they're probably calling your competitors.

Don't lose any more potential customers. Register for the directory because it will make it easy to find your hydraulic repairs shop from the first page of listings on all the major search engines.

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The other value of a listing

Do you have a web site for your hydraulic repairs shop?

A listing can improve your web site's ranking in the search engines ("relevant" incoming links can significantly improve your search engine ranking. Since is one of the top listed hydraulic repair sites, a link from our site to yours would be a very "relevant" link).

A listing will help customers find your hydraulic repairs shop through our hydraulic repair facility directory, and your web site will move up in the search engine listings.

So what does a listing cost?

We've got four different directory listing programs.

A Basic listing is just $60 per year. Your listing displays your company name, contact information, and a short marketing message about your company.

A Web Link listing is just $84 per year. In addition to the information in the Basic listing, there's a hyperlink to your web site.

Our Enhanced listing is just $96 per year. It contains all the information from a Basic Listing, along with additional sales and marketing information about your company.

A Web Page listing is perfect for companies who may not have a web site. You can put graphics and an extended marketing message on the page and it has its own unique URL. The web page listing is just $120.00 a year.

Keeping in mind the price isn't affected by the number of customers who find you - whether you gain one customer a year or one hundred customers a year, your listing stays the same low price. That's one heck of a value.

If you're not going to sign up...

Please do two more thing before you make a decision about joining

Visit our home page, click on your state, and take a look at how many times your state's page has been viewed.

You can see that people have been visiting the web site, looking for hydraulic repair shops in your state. Isn't it worth a small annual investment to help those people find your repair shop?

Second, take a look at our sample Basic Listing . You'll notice that the first paragraph says "This is a sample listing - we are not a repair shop." Even though the listing clearly says we are not a repair shop, we get 4 to 6 calls a year from people looking for a repair shop. We don't know how many calls you'd get, but if we get 4 to 6 calls a year from a listing that says we are not a repair shop....


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The companies listed on repair, remanufacture and rebuild a wide range of components, which include:

  • Hydraulic pumps

  • Hydraulic motors

  • Hydraulic valves

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • Hydraulic servo valves

  • Hydrostatic transmissions

  • Hydraulic piston pumps

  • Hydraulic piston motor

  • Hydraulic vane pumps

  • Hydraulic vane motors

  • Hydraulic gear pumps

  • Hydraulic gear motors


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